Verve Interio

High-End interior design service

Why Verve

Verve Interio is a design house with headquarter in heart of India 'Delhi'. Verve offers a new and inspirational approach to interior design with over 8 years of experience and portfolio that extends up from India to Singapore and so on, in a short while Verve Interio has made a niche for itself. Verve conceptualizes interiors that combine creative space planning with an impressive lineup of innovative designs for Residential and commercial projects, providing the clients with what prescription matches their needs.

May it be Hotels, Apartments, Villas, Offices, Retail outlets or Restaurants, Verve has highly talented and dedicated interior design specialists who offer complete design solution. Be assured that Verve's team can always be relied upon to create extraordinary designs with a WOW!! factor. Each Service has been explored Individually on our Service page.

Since a painting done by number of painters wont speak as much as a painting done by one painter. Hence the core principle of Verve Interio's Robben chopra is to deliver work, which arouses Art in mind of people who see it and admire the sheer beauty of Interiors. For that simple reason "Like Others" Verve Interio doesn't have a team of designers on single project but just one designer, so each part of Interior from start to finish blends together giving the whole interior a concept. Usually Robben Chopra likes to take only limited projects; Projects High-End in nature is the criteria for selection of clients and designs each of his projects himself. Only sometimes he forwards a project to his team of designers which are all well qualified from Design institutes in London, Milan and likes.

Its your choice

Verve interio is expert in delivering high end luxury Interior to client’s satisfaction, all you need to do is simply lean back and watch your dream project take shape by transforming your requirement, need and desire into a living reality. The secret to Verve's success is a combination of highly personalized customer interaction, together with designs that provides value for money without compromising on standard of service or quality of materials.

We are Different

We set ourselves apart from other established interior design firms through avant-garde designs and creative interior solutions with a seamless and coordinated service from start to finish. We travel world for our research and have knowledge of interiors as they are in different parts of the world. Setting new standards in the interior design industry in India, we are head to head only with the top-class leaders in interior design around the world.


Chief Executioner

Robben Chopra

Master in Interior Architecture & Design (M.Design)

Verve Interio was established by designer Robben Chopra with an idea of only catering niche segment of clients who desire unique luxury interiors which is only comparable to some of best interiors not just in India but the World. With a Masters degree and over 8 years of experience, Robben has developed a tiered design service and takes an intelligent and considerate approach to design that results in a well-resolved balance between style and usability. His style is minimalist and attention to every minute detail is a must. Every one of Robben's design is completely bespoke. He takes time to understand the life that fills your environment – what matters to you, your family, their routines – its then he shape structures and introduce design details that make living easier, and more enjoyable. Hence his clients have never been left unsatisfied, and client base is so strong that they keep coming back with more work and references. Robben approaches interior design with an architectural eye. According to your requirements he can suggest simple or significant alteration that enhance the composition and character of rooms and resolve flaws in the original construction.

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